Tiniest Stray Chihuahua Puppy Falls From Sky – And Stuns Rescuers With His Will To Survive

In January 2019, a couple of construction workers started hearing a puppy crying. The workers stopped what they were doing and quickly began searching. They looked all around the construction site, but they couldn’t find the puppy anywhere.

Then, they looked up. And that’s when they saw a hawk carrying a little six-week-old Chihuahua puppy.

The hawk suddenly let the puppy go, and the puppy fell towards the ground far below. The construction workers ran over to the puppy, fearing the worst. But miraculously, the puppy was alive and moving around!

The workers rushed the little puppy over to the closest veterinary clinic. There, they learned that the puppy hadn’t broken any bones and he didn’t have any internal bleeding.

“It’s a miracle that he not only survived, but that the wounds on his head and chest are fairly mild,” Austin Animal Center wrote on Facebook.

Source: Austin Animal Center via Facebook

After the vet had determined that the puppy only had a few superficial wounds, he checked the dog for a microchip. The puppy didn’t have one, so the vet assumed he was a stray. He sent the puppy over to the Austin Animal Center.

Source: Austin Animal Center via Facebook

All the workers at the shelter were amazed by the puppy’s story. They nicknamed the dog ‘Miracle Puppy.’

Even though the puppy had gone through so much, he was still as sweet as could be. He loved cuddling with the shelter workers, and he also liked playing with the other dogs.

Source: Austin Animal Center via Facebook

The shelter workers found a foster home for the puppy right away, and the pup went to go stay with his new foster mom. The little dog was so excited to have a home!

“He’s so tiny, so you can easily see why he might be mistaken for a rat and prey,” Renee Keys, the puppy’s foster mom, told KEYE.

Renee’s son also came up with the perfect name for the puppy: Tony Hawk!

On their Facebook page, Austin Animal Center said that they’d received tons of applications for little Tony Hawk.

“Our little Tony Hawk (aka Miracle Puppy) has become quite the celebrity!… His foster reports that he’s doing amazing and is as sweet as can be!” Austin Animal Center wrote. “They’ve received TONS of adoption applications, so once he’s big and strong, he’ll be going home with a new family, which means applications are officially closed for this little nugget. BUT so many of Tony Hawk’s friends at the shelter are still looking for their forever family.”

Tony will stay with his foster family until he’s old enough to be neutered, and then he’ll go to his forever home. This Miracle Puppy may not have had the easiest start to life, but now, he has a great future ahead of him!

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h/t: KEYE

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