Man Saves Orphaned Kitten – 1 Year Later, Baby Still Repays Him With Endless Snuggles And Love

Is there anything cuter than a man and a kitten? If your reactions to this story were any indication— then no, there is definitely not. So, to make your day slightly cuter, we’ve found a pair that is sure to melt your heart.

Meet Baby!

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Baby was abandoned as a kitten. Luckily, she was found by a loving human dad when he heard her meowing in his backyard.

“Found this little one in my backyard in a hole under the fence,” the man explained. “She was the runt and the mom abandoned her after moving the litter.”

Hearing Baby’s lonely cries, the man tore down his rock wall to save her. He then started giving the tiny kitten round-the-clock care.

“She didn’t open her eyes for 10 days,” he said. “I woke up/came home every 2.5 hours to bottle feed and warm her bed.”

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Finally, on day 11, with lots of love and attention, Baby managed to open her eyes.

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As soon as she could see and walk, Baby was off exploring her new home.

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She loved spending time laying in the sun— even though she was still just the size of a small sock.

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Now that she’s a bit older, Baby is completely in love with the human who saved her life.

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And she shows her appreciation by snuggling on his shoulder for cozy, daily naps.

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As soon as Baby sees Dad lay down— she is right on his belly, demanding love and cuddles.

“She always pays special attention to me when I get back from a work trip,” he notes.

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Baby’s photos were posted online, and people went crazy over the pair’s heartwarming relationship. Users wrote:

“That cat loves you”

“Oh. My. God. *deep manly squeal*”

“Kitten vs the size of the laminate squares made me go mushy a little bit.”

With a little bit of TLC from a kindhearted, young man Baby blossomed into a beautiful, affectionate cat. And even though her Dad says he never really wanted a pet, he’s extremelythankful he found her.

And Baby says, “The feeling is mutual.”

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