After Losing Her Babies, Sad Dog Cares For Toys & Socks – But Then Rescuers Think Of Way To Help

On a cold day in January 2018, Animal Control officers in York, South Carolina found a stray pit bull wandering alone on the streets. When they examined her, they found out she was pregnant.

Animal Control didn’t want the poor pup to give birth in a shelter, and so they contacted local rescue group Halfway There Rescue. They agreed to take the sweet dog in, and they named her Daya.

Source: Halfway There Rescue

Unfortunately, when Halfway There Rescue took Daya for an x-ray, they learned all her babies had died in utero. They were already being reabsorbed into her body.

Daya also had a severe infection that needed immediate surgery. The surgery went well, and she recovered at a foster home.

During Daya’s recovery, Halfway There noticed something strange about her behavior. She started mothering socks and toys, treating them like they were her babies.

The staff at Halfway There Rescue were heartbroken. All poor Daya wanted was to be a mother.

A week after Daya’s surgery, Halfway There Rescue took in a six-week-old puppy named Raisin who had been hit by a car.

Halfway There described what happened next in a Facebook post:

“Raisin was an orphaned puppy found in the road with a ruptured eye that had to be removed. She could have survived with just the help of humans but deserved the comfort of a mama of her own. We saw the opportunity to pair [Raisin and Daya] and here we are.”

Source: Halfway There Rescue via Facebook

Daya and Raisin spent the next few weeks cuddling together as they both recovered from their surgeries.

The two bonded immediately, and Daya quickly became the surrogate mom Raisin needed. Raisin also helped Daya—she provided the dog with the love and affection she was missing when she lost her babies.

Source: Halfway There Rescue via Instagram

Once they had recovered enough, the two dogs went to stay with a second foster family. There, they spent time relaxing together and enjoying the sunshine.

As Raisin got older, she and Daya started to drift apart. This often naturally happens as puppies get older.

The two still loved each other, but they weren’t as close as before. When Daya and Raisin’s foster parents saw that, they decided it would be a good idea for Daya to go back to her first foster home.

Soon after Daya arrived back at her first foster home, her parents decided to adopt her. Daya loves her parents, and she bonded with their other dog. The other pup has anxiety, and Daya helps calm him down.

Raisin’s foster parents also decided to adopt her. Just like that, both Daya and Raisin had the perfect forever homes!

Source: Halfway There Rescue via Facebook

Raisin loves playing in her parents’ backyard. She also enjoys spending time with their other pit bull, Charlie—he’s become like an older brother to her. Raisin’s parents think that the puppy learned how to bond with other dogs from Daya.

Thanks to Daya’s love and care, Raisin is growing up into a sweet, affectionate dog!

Source: Hello Raisin via Instagram

Daya and Raisin provided each other with tons of love and care. Now, both dogs are happily in forever homes, and they both have great futures ahead of them! If you’d like to see more photos of sweet Raisin, check out her Instagram page.

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